Creating Headings for your Pages

Creating Headings for your Pages


Page headings are important. They help set the tone for the rest of the page, and they are usually in a bigger font, so users notice them. Whenever you want to give your page a heading, HTML has you covered as you have many tags at your disposal.

HTML offers you six different tags, to be more precise.

  1. h1 tag
  2. h2 tag
  3. h3 tag
  4. h4 tag
  5. h5 tag
  6. h6 tag
	<!DOCTYPE html>
			<h1>I am an h1 header</h1>
			<h2>I am an h2 header</h2>
			<h3>I am an h3 header</h3>
			<h4>I am an h4 header</h4>
			<h5>I am an h5 header</h5>
			<h6>I am an h6 header</h6>
All the heading tags.
All the heading tags.
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Headings are important because they help describe what the page is about and help you establish hierarchy in your page.

In our next one, we'll take a look at lists and how to build them.