How to Remove Directory/Folder from a Git Repository

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How to Remove Directory/Folder from a Git Repository

Sometimes, you want to remove a folder that you already committed to your repository.

In this post, we'll learn exactly how to do that, remove a folder/directory from your repository, both local and remote.

Removing a Directory from a Local Repository

To remove a directory from your local repository, you can will have to use the git rm command. The rm command, standing for remove, is the command you want to use to remove anything from your Git repository.

Since we are removing a directory, we will need to specify the path to the directory that we want to remove, then pass it the -r flag.

This is how you remove a directory from your Git repository:

git rm -r path/to/directory

Pushing to a Remote Repository

Now that we have removed a directory from our local repository, we can push our changes to the remote repository so that it can be seen by others.

Once you are ready with your changes, you can push them to the remote repository by first committing them, then pushing them to the remote repository.

First, commit your deletion and other changes:

git commit -m "Removed directory"

Then, push your changes to the remote repository:

git push

Once you've done that, you can see the changes that you've made in the remote repository, and you've successfully removed the directory from Git.


Needing to remove a directory in Git after you've committed it to your repository is a common problem. Hopefully, this post gave you the solution to removing it from your local repository and then making those changes to the remote repository as well.

Happy coding!

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