How to Concatenate Strings in PHP

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How to Concatenate Strings in PHP

In PHP, strings are basically an array of characters.

This means that when you have two strings, you can concatenate them together to form a brand new string.

In this post, we'll learn how to concatenate strings in PHP.

How to concatenate strings in PHP

To learn how to concatenate strings, let's first create two strings.

$firstString = 'Hello'; $secondString = 'World';

From here, we can create a new string by concatenating them together using the . operator.

$firstString = 'Hello'; $secondString = 'World'; $newString = $firstString . $secondString; echo($newString);

Keep in mind that because neither string has a space, the output will be HelloWorld instead of Hello World.

Alternatively, you could just concatenate the two strings with a separate space so the final string has a space:

$firstString = 'Hello'; $secondString = 'World'; $newString = $firstString . ' ' . $secondString; echo($newString);
Hello World


In this post, we learned how to concatenate strings in PHP.

Simply use the . operator to concatenate two strings together to form a new string.

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