Introduction to HTML

Introduction to HTML

The web is made up of three major components, HTML, CSS and Javascript. This class will help you become familiar with the most basic component of them all, HTML (HyperText Markup Language).

HTML is the language of the web. It is the building block that is written both to give meaning to the content that is inside, but also gives pages structure.

HTML handles everything from placing images, to the text you see here, to styling decisions like the size and color of fonts.


  1. Not much other than a computer and internet connection!

Writing your very first HTML file is easier than you think, so let's get started!

Selecting a Text Editor

While you can write and edit HTML with any text editor, we highly suggest using the Atom text editor. (Fun fact: this editor is actually written using HTML!) It supports pretty much every operating system and you'll love how simple and pretty it looks. Of course, feel free to use whatever text editor you are already comfortable with.

Atom text editor.
A look at the Atom text editor.

Hello World

Create a brand new file in your editor, and type this in:

	Hello world!

Save it as index.html, and make sure you save it with the ".html" extension instead of ".txt". Navigate to where you saved the file and open it with your browser of choice.

If done correctly, you should see something like this:

Hello World in browser.
Hello World in your browser.

If so, congratulations, you have written your very first HTML document! This lesson was just to get you set up. You are now ready to proceed with the next lesson, where we'll be diving into HTML itself!

When you open the file and it actually renders.
When you open the file and it actually renders.