Why we're using Cloudflare CDN with Argo

Why we're using Cloudflare CDN with Argo

Here at Sabe, we're all about performance and quality. Our website was built with speed and user experience first. That is why we utilize many of the best industry practices including using gzip to reduce the bytes we need to send, using HTTPS for security, HTTP 2 for performance, supporting AMP pages for mobile users and lazy-loading images and scripts for a faster page load. But there was still more we could do.

Cloudflare CDN

The Cloudflare logo.
The Cloudflare logo.

We're happy to announce that Sabe is now using Cloudflare's CDN with Argo enabled. Using a CDN in general is a no-brainer. Here are the benefits to using a CDN:

  • Response times around the world are drastically reduced.
  • Reliability improves thanks to redundancy.
  • Decreases server load as the CDN caches the content.
  • DDoS protection since infrastructure is now distributed.

This site was already pretty snappy, but with the enabling of Cloudflare's CDN, you should now see blazing-fast performance no matter where in the world you are located. While most of our visitors are from the US (which is also where the origin server for Sabe is located), we have a pretty sizable audience nowhere near our origin server like from India and Australia. This migration should drastically improve the user experience for those users.

Cloudflare Argo

The Cloudflare Argo logo.
The Cloudflare Argo logo.

So what is Cloudflare Argo? Cloudflare Argo is a paid smart routing service that aims to optimize the delivery of content from the server to the user. According to Cloudflare themselves:

Argo Smart Routing reduces Internet latency on average by 35%; connection errors by 27%.

Instead of connecting two distant locations directly, Cloudflare Argo optimizes the path between those two points by selecting the best possible route instead of using traditional static routing. This means that Argo can route information over the equivalent of internet highways while without it, that same information would be sent over local streets.

Here are some of the benefits to Cloudflare Argo:

  • Faster load times thanks to optimized delivery route.
  • Increased reliability which reduces packet loss and avoids congestion.
  • Increased security as Cloudflare ensures traffic is encrypted.
  • Performance gains as content is automatically minimized.

The Sabe team will be constantly on the lookout for new and emerging technologies to further improve the speed and performance of this site. Enabling Cloudflare's CDN and its Argo smart routing service were two massive steps towards our goal of providing quality information to all, no matter where in the world you may be located!

As fast as Sonic.
As fast as Sonic.

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